Beer Update – Sedgefield Beer Festival

Friday sees the start of Sedgefields Beer Festival, hosted by the Friends of Sedgefield Harriors. Held over two days at Sedgefield Parish Hall, the event features a selection of beers from local and further afield breweries. The beers available at the festival are:

  • Durham Brewery: Smoking Gun 4.5%, Jack in a Box 4.8%, White Velvet 4.2%
  • Magic Rock Brewery: Ringmaster 3.9%, Highwire 5.5%
  • Ossett Brewery: Big Red 4.0%, Columbia Creek 3.8%
  • Out There Brewery: Laika 5.5%, Angora 5.5%
  • Revolutions Brewing Co.: EP 3.9%, Clash 4.5%
  • George Samuel Brewing Company: Tower Bitter 3.8%

A selection of ciders from Orchards of Husthwaite will also be available.

Entry is free, and session times are as follows:

Friday 5th February 2016: 19:00 – 23:00

Saturday 6th February 2016: 13:00 – 23:00

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